Adult Bible Fellowships

On Sunday mornings, we have Sunday School classes for children and teens of all ages. For the adults, we have three Adult Bible Fellowships that meet during the Sunday School hour at 9:45 a.m.


The harvester’s class is dedicated to teaching the Bible in depth. The focus is for those desiring a more in-depth study and explanation of scriptures and what the scriptures say, in context, and how it pertains to the church today. Many of our studies are verse-by-verse expositions of sometimes difficult Bible passages. Come join us!


The Conquerors Fellowship is led and taught by Brother Walsh and his wife. The focus of the Conquerors class is the truths of how we can have daily, personal victory in our Christian lives. Brother Walsh is very active in various jail and addictions ministries in our area and has a passion to help others walk in victory.


The Mountaineers Fellowship is designed for adults over 60 and is led and taught by Pastor Flanders and his wife Elisabeth. The Mountaineers enjoy monthly activities as well as their weekly Bible Study and Prayer times on Sunday morning. Currently, we are doing a series called Blessed are the Peacemakers.